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Pay as you go e sim

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

can anyone tell me what the b****** hell is going on?! 

I ordered a new PAYG Plus plan with Vodafone on 08.05.24 and selected the option to transfer my number from Lebara and provided a PAC number.

I received several emails from Vodafone and one of them said to wait shortly for an e sim download. When this never arrived, I got in contact with Vodafone and they could not even find an order. I then called again on Monday 13th May to be told the reason why I never received an e sim is because I requested a port in date of 22nd May..

So I said this is too long to wait. I was advised to cancel the order and a new order will be placed, should be completed in 48 hours. Come Wednesday 15th May, no e sim to download etc, I rang Vodafone again and was told there was no e sim, that I MUST have a physical sim (which was in the post) and once received, I can then move to an e sim (which defeats the object as the e sim was seen as convenient to me).

Anyway I waited, Thursday 16th May I received a letter with a Voda welcome pack, but guess what? No sim card inside the pack. 

So I called Vodafone again, to be told oh that was deliberate because actually you don't need a physical sim and it will now take a further 72 working hours to transfer your number across to us and you will then have an e sim to download. And this was apparently because of Lebara not sending the port in file across?? 

All the while I've been speaking to complaints and they keep telling no I must wait for a physical sim so I can then ask for an e sim.

It is like no one at Vodafone knows what they are talking about. 

Imagine going into a coffee shop and you are stood there whilst the employees are asking each other "oh do I add milk to this" and other one says oh no you don't and then third one says oh yes you do!! 

this Vodafone lot couldn't run a corner shop let alone a big network


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

That is a conundrum @yasdee144 as it states on 

" Switch providers easily

Change providers without needing to order a new SIM card. "


Maybe have a word with the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Facebook or X as they have full account access. 

If i can be of any further help please don't hesitate to ask  😎 

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Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @yasdee144 - it's disappointing to hear the experience you're having, especially with only just joining us. My team on Social Media can look into what's happening. I can see you've mentioned you've made a complaint. If it is at this stage, then please get in touch with your complaint handler. The details for them will be on the email you should have received or online complaint portal. 

I am onto the social media team. and yes I do have a complaint but honestly the complaints team and complaint handler are useless. She herself does not know what is going on. I have been told to wait upto 72 working hours for my e sim to download and the CH is going on about waiting for a physical sim card, this is despite me being told no you don't need to wait for this and this is the reason I was sent a welcome pack without an actual sim attached. so this complaints handler does not know what is happening. Useless

also to add, and to prove how little the CH understands my case and how useless they are.. they have sent several emails saying we couldn't get through to you on your number!! well why in the world do you think that is? I mean I wouldn't have a complaint if you were able to get through to me on mu number. and again this is also despite me telling them to only email me and I thought it would be obvious to them that my number is not in use.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@yasdee144 - I'm sorry to hear it's at this stage and still isn't resolved. It sounds like the messages you're getting about not being able to reach you, may be automated. Please ask your case handler to escalate this further.

I honestly give up at this point. Told to wait 72 hours and now being told to wait a further 48 hours. It is ridiculous from Vodafone. Completely unacceptable for a network to be so incompetent! a complaint to the head office is in the making.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@yasdee144 - it's not our intention to make this a difficult process for you. With you having an open complaint, it may already be with our Specialist Care team. If you've been in touch with us on Social Media already, then please come back to us there and we can check if your complaint is already at our highest point of escalation. If it isn't we can look at doing this for you.