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Retrieving a disconnected PAYG number

2: Seeker


I am trying to find a way to retrieve a number which I believe is likely to be still in quarantine. My mother had it on PAYG, and really wants it back as she finds it memorable. It was the family "emergency" number and she had given it to other elderly relatives as an easily memorable number to call. Unfortunately she hadn't realised the importance of keeping using it and it seems that even though the phone battery was kept charged, Vodafone disconnected it. Having called customer services all they can say is that as it was disconnected more than 30 days ago (about three months ago), it can't be reconnected. I know other people on here have attempted to retrieve lost numbers, so I'm looking for any help in getting that specific number back. We both have Vodafone contracts as well.

Any ideas welcome on how to retrieve it, don't mind paying to get it back!



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Elizabetha1 


Follow this link to contact the Social Media Team, they will be the best people to help:  Contact Us 

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