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Pay as you go

Strange activation process and activity & eSIM query

4: Newbie



I activated my PAYG1 SIM card last night and it was able to send texts and make calls straight away, but couldn't receive texts and calls until this morning. Also, I found some charges were made to text numbers I did not recognise last night as listed in My Vodafone. So some credit has mysteriously disappeared which was a strange way to welcome me to Vodafone!


So the reason why I signed up was to use this as a backup/emergency line on my new iPhone SE should my main line go down for whatever reason on another network, or if it's out of coverage and I need to make/receive calls and texts.


I wanted to use the eSIM feature on my new phone for the Vodafone PAYG1 account and was unable to do this online. I rang customer services earlier and the call handler hadn't heard of eSIM! After making some enquiries it turns out this is only supported for pay monthly customers - this was not made clear in the marketing online at all - or did I miss it?


Could anyone confirm if this is indeed the case? If it isn't supported for PAYG then when will it be? The only reason I signed up was to act as a backup line, should I look elsewhere? 


Any help and advice would be very appreciated!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Gerry_Atric 


Vodafone only support the eSIM for the Apple watch, it is not yet supported for a phone for pay monthly or PAYG.


Please see this previous thread for reference:


As far as your text messages are concerned with PAYG 1 you only pay £1.00 per day and there shouldn't have been any extra charges. However, not sure how these texts could have been sent when you do not recognise the number but as you are using an iphone perhaps these may have been Apple set up texts.





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