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Pay as you go

VAT Receipt Pay as You Go

2: Seeker

I have been trying to request a VAT receipt for 4 * PAYG top-up for several months, every time I raise the request I just get a NDR from the Vodafone with an issue.  Called the helpdesk, they tried but still the same issue. No resolution but this is required


URL used to request:


Error: rejected your message to the following email addresses:

VAT receipts @ vodafone co uk
Your message couldn't be delivered. It appears that the email address you sent your message to wasn't found at the destination domain, or the recipient's mailbox is unavailable. The email address might be misspelled or it might not exist.

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I'm sure we'll be able to get this sorted for you @torbenj. As we'll need access to your account to do this, pop us a private message through one of our social channels, including your full name, mobile number, a link to your post here and Community ID and one of our team will pick this up for you 😊

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