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Pay as you go

Vodafone's delay tactics when issuing refunds & shocking treatment of it's vulnerable customers

2: Seeker

Can you confirm when you will be refunding my £115. I have been getting calls from someone called Johnson for the past 3 weeks updating me with the same message. The refund is with the refund team, the refund team are going to call me for bank details and he will chase it up. 


I don't want updates, that aren't updates, I want the money refunded back to card I paid with. You have this on your system.


Looking on this forum, this is common problem,  vodafone not refunding it's customers.


The way you treat vulnerable customers is shameful. I am a pay as you go customer, and because of an error on your side (which you have admitted), I overpaid over £115.


You say my vodafone account is in credit yet you continue to hold off not refunding my card. I am being told that the refund team are going to call me. 

You have the card details that I paid with, why can't you refund that, like other companies do. 

This is part of an ongoing complaint that still has not been resolved.


I have been with vodafone for over 20 years.


It's only when you have a complaint that you really find out how good a company is and Vodafone have failed.




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17: Community Champion

That's a pretty hefty amount accrued via Payg so I'm not surprised you want this returning @JayMB 

Unfortunately however as Account Access isn't available via this forum the Social Media Team's will only be able to look at this if you contact them via Facebook or Twitter.

The links are in Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

I wish you all the best with this. 

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