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A place to discuss the My Vodafone App, bundles, Vodafone devices, Pay as you go Rewards and more. For any account specific issues, contact Customer Services (here).

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Wasting Time and Money with Vodafone

Bear with me. You might find the following amusing. I don't.As a Pensioner I only need a phone occassionally so I have a PAYGo account which I top up about once a year. I have litte use for texts, Data or Apps. I have an Internet connection for that....

unused PAYG SIM and credit

A while ago I asked my son to get a PAYG Vodafone SIM as we were planning on transferring his number from my husband's contract to PAYG. He was told in store he had to pay for £10 credit to get one so he did. It was later decided later to stick with ...

Free data not added

I topped up in the app last month after getting a text promising 1 gb of free data. This wasn’t added. Any idea why not? Reluctant to ring call centre since they messed up big last time I spoke with them about another matter

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