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Pay as you go

top up

1: Seeker

Hi I'm on pay as you go.. I put five pounds onto my top up on 9th July 2020 so my five pound big value bundle would roll over. I got a message this morning (12th July) saying there was no money so they could not roll over. My phone number is ###.  My name is Mandy ###.  I have attached a copy of my bank statement showing the payment.

the information I have linked this transaction which appears on my statement is ###. Please see atchment showing a photo of my bank statement.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @MandyGriffiths 


The first and very important thing for you to do is to edit the thread and remove your mobile number, this is a public forum where you don't need to log in to view the content, you should never put any personal information on the forum.


To answer your top up problem, the smallest BVB you can purchase from here:  PAYG Big Value Bundles  is £10.00., there is not a bundle for £5.00, although to may have added £5.00 for additional credit to pay for the £10.00 bundle. The T & C's are here: Vodafone Big Value Bundles .  


I suspect the credit you added was insufficient to cover the £10.00 bundle, if you were on a alternative BVB, you would have needed to change this by dialling 2345 or through your online account or Application.


The best thing to do is to check your online account and Application, both will give full information on available credit and active bundles.


If you still need help, live chat or Customer Services will be able to answer questions.  Alternatively, follow this link .

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17: Community Champion

Hi @MandyGriffiths 


Unfortunately there is no account access via this forum anymore.

Please contact Customer services via Contact Us and and they'll officially clarify what's happening.

We are fellow customers here.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 


🌈 Stay Safe & Stay Alert.  🌈 

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