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Pay monthly

Attempting to retrieve old Vodafone number, cancelled just under a year ago

2: Seeker


I'm trying to retrieve my previous pay monthly Vodafone number. I've spoken to many advisors, none of which have been able to help me, due to the length of inactivity after disconnection. 


I canceled my contract associated with said number just under a year ago after it had come to an end, not realising some of my information was still linked. When talking to advisors, they've informed me that the number is most likely still in a recycling pool, lasting twelve months. I've asked whether it would be possible, once the number is out of this stage, for the number to be held and allocated to me again. I haven't received a consistent answer but, from what I gather, it's not likely to happen. 


This is my last attempt at asking for help with this issue. I have read multiple posts similar to this one, detailing that they eventually tracked down their old numbers, although I don't know if re-allocation was successful.


Has anyone been successful in retrieving their old numbers? Can anything be done? 


Any help that can be given would be much appreciated. Thanks. 


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17: Community Champion

Unfortunately there is only a small window of opportunity to regain control of a number which is around 90 days @sg8701m_ 

If you ring the number is it dead ?

What typically happens is the number is as you've been advised put in quarantine and then re issued from the number pool at a pre determined time by Vodafone or the number can be given back to another network if that number initially came from another network in the first instance.

I can't say you won't regain control of the number only that it's possibly not probable.

The Vodafone Social Media Team's can clarify for you if you wish via Twitter or Facebook Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries. 

However I wish you all the best with this. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @sg8701m_ 


Where a pay monthly contract is concerned and you have made a mistake and cancelled the number, Vodafone would have given 90 days for you to make contact, reinstate the contract for you to keep the number, you would then have been able to put the number on PAYG or port the number out to an alternative network to keep the number for other associated details.


If the number has been disconnected for almost a year, it would be anywhere and may even be assigned to a SIM card or returned to the originating network if not previously a Vodafone number.  


I am sure it will have been far too long to track down the number and it will be impossible for Vodafone to locate.  However, just to be sure follow the information here and speak to the Social Team through Twitter or Facebook 

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