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Called a number but someone else answered

1: Seeker

Hello - my partner called me today but another person / phone answered (not my phone).  The call log on her phone shows the call went for 24 seconds but nothing on my phone (not even registering the call happened).  Repeating it again it works fine, but very odd and concerning that this happens.


Can someone explain how this is happening?


We are both on the Vodafone network, she is roaming outside of the UK, i am in the UK.

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17: Community Champion

It may explain how this happened as you explain your partner is roaming so the connection may have glitched when she called you.

This looks to be the case as you called again and all was fine @tomma888 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860 Snapdragon.

Samsung One Ui 3.0  / Android 11.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @tomma888 


Just wanted to clarify.  When your Wife called you she would have used the UK country code +44 or 0044 and dropped the first 0 when she called from abroad? .  If she just used 07 it may have been a country local code.

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