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Pay monthly

Can't Add Additional Line/Account Type Error

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As a last resort, is there someone here that can take a look at my lengthy issue and hopefully help?

I have two separate pay monthly accounts with Vodafone. Both where opened as SIMO and I upgraded both to handset plans after the the first three months.


• I manage both accounts through separate My Vodafone accounts online (they have different usernames). I can manage all aspects of my account, but had issues as below:

• When I wanted to upgrade both accounts to handset contracts, I encountered an issue at checkout (see image below). In the end, both accounts were upgraded from SIMO to handset plans via live chat

• Online error messages makes reference to my 'account type'

• Decided I wanted to merge accounts for ease. Long story short - hours of calls, live chats and a complaint - the accounts were never merged due to an issue. No real issue here as I don't mind managing the numbers via their separate accounts

• Decided I wanted a third, additional line - unable to do this via either of the two accounts I have - account type error as already described

• Hours of calls and live chats... promised multiple times the account error would be fixed an additional line added - never happened

• Hate complaining, but I raised one via Resolver in the hope someone could fix this for me

• Vodafone acknowledged the complaint by phone the very same day and I spent three weeks dealing with a dedicated complaints adviser. Each time she called, we spent several minutes passing GDPR, being told the call was being recorded etc. etc. Again, long story short, 6 calls over this 3-week period and I got nowhere.

• During the complaints process, the complaints adviser passed me to customer advisers, tech advisers and even raised the issue to your 'SOS team'. Despite all this, hours and hours of calls, and me very patient and polite... I got nowhere.

• Tech advisers promised me calls and never did

• In the end, I ported out one of my numbers as I was so fed up. I emailed Vodafone via their complaints portal and told them I had been patient enough, but to close the complaint. I received an email saying Vodafone were 'glad my issue had been resolved'

• Failed communication, broken promises and around 15 hours spent on the phone

• Constantly promised the issue would be fixed - it never was

• Several advisers informed me that it was simply a matter of changing the account type, which would seem apparent from the error message. However, this obviously isn't the case if several support teams can't fix the issue


Can anyone shed any light on this? I'd really appreciate any help or hear of anyone else that has encountered the same issue.


Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 16.50.46.png



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Hi @Anonymous I'm sorry to hear of your experience here! I'd recommend reaching out to our Social Media team here, they'll be able access your accounts help you move towards a resolution.

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