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Credit report being hammered

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Hi there, 

So a month ago started sieving through my credit report (long overdue) to find a vodafone credit agreement dating back 4 years owing a total of 950.

 I hadn't had any notification of this via email, post or anything. Very bad practise wonder how long it would have stayed before they actually did something, but after going through the long process I find out I actually did owe the money... No problem payed it all in 1 to get it clear and off the record. 

It's now been over a month and Ive kept a close eye on the credit report well... Its still there and still hammering my credit score... 


I rang up today to be told that I need to ring TDX Prime for confirmation of the payment... The trouble is TDX doesn't deal with the consumer they will only deal with the business... And no number for them. 

I feel like I'm going around in circles here but I do have payment reference from Vodafone, but how can I get this confirmed from TDX and it off of my credit report... Or just to show that it's settled 

Feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall. 

Any help would be well appreciated. 

Thanks in advance 





Hey @DaveH94 I hope you're doing well. I'm genuinely very sorry to hear that you've not had any luck getting this all resolved. If you drop the Social Media Team a message here they can contact the Credit File team for you so we can get that all closed and settled. 

Hi Steph, 

Thanks for getting back to me on here, I'll be sure to give them a message and see if we can get it all resolved. 

Thanks again

You're very welcome @DaveH94 We'll get it all sorted!