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I am still being billed after my contract has ended and cannot access my account or call

2: Seeker

My contract ended on the 1st and I have been sent a text saying I am due to be billed, I cannot access my vodafone account or even call as when I call it asks for my number and it is no longer connected to vodafone - what do I do as I cancelled my direct debit also.

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17: Community Champion

You would have ended your contract @JoshCrane , otherwise the contract will roll over on a month to month basis until you cancel.  The best way to achieve this is by using a PAC or STAC code, this way the contract will immediately end and providing you are out of contract there will be no further charges.


It is usual to get billed after cancellation, this is due to Vodafone billing a month in advance, providing you don't cancel the direct debit anything overpaid will be credited straight back to your bank account.  Vodafone will send two further bills, one for the month you have cancelled and the final 0.00 bill as your confirmation there is nothing further owing.  There is further information on the things to know before you leave here: Cancellation 


If you still need clarification drop the Social Team a message through social channels here: Contact Us 

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