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Is this company a joke?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Bear with me and this long post. I need answers. Bought an iPad last week, told it would come next day. Skip to next day (Friday) and it hasn’t come, live chat tells me the direct debit didn’t go through (would be nice if they made me aware of this). Set up the direct debit again with the person on live chat, then told I have to pay £8 to have it delivered Monday. Fine, whatever. Now it’s Sunday, realised I had text messages telling me my username and my contact number had been changed and now I can’t log in to my Vodafone account. Talked to someone on the fraud team who tells me my account is under investigation which could take seven days to complete. I ask why it’s under investigation and they can’t tell me.

WHAT is with the extreme lack of communication with this company? I wasn’t told about the direct debit failing and I wasn’t told about them changing my details to investigate my account.

The iPad obviously won’t be coming Monday, I probably won’t be getting the £8 refunded. I chose Vodafone because of the promise of getting the device next day, and here we are being told it could take another week. I wish I wouldn’t have bothered and gone with a more capable company. No communication, no explanations and no sympathy from anyone I’ve spoken to. 
Does anyone know how this can all be rectified? I would like to be compensated and I’d like everything to be sorted asap seeing as it’s a birthday gift for my girlfriend. I’m incredibly frustrated and let down