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Mobile shows 4G access but still no connectivity

3: Seeker

Both the red leader and sharer lost internet access on my account when the leader number was changed. I was informed this was down to unfinished orders o the account. The leader (after 3 weeks) now has access again but the sharer still does not connect. 1st line customer service say account ok. All checks have been done on handset (remove SIM, replace SIM, change to 2G/3G and try, change to another network then back again, reset settings via text, manual reset) but nothing has worked. I am now desperate paying for a service which is not available. Is there any other department / Number I can contact as 1st line support cant help, neither can the online support (both technical teams)



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17: Community Champion



We have a Vodafone Team on the forum that can help people too. 


They read all posts so it can take a short while for them to catch up with your thread. 


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I've sent you a private message with details on how to get in touch.


For anyone else with the same issue, please contact customer service.

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