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Not receiving texts from a US friend

2: Seeker

I've been having an issue where I've been trying to message a friend in the US - they've checked with their carrier and thought that they had it sorted, however I'm not receiving anything from them and they're saying that they're not getting anything from me.


It's really frustrating and I'm hoping that someone can help me get this sorted!

Thanks in advance for your help!


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17: Community Champion

Unfortunately instances like this are not easy to troubleshoot to pin point the root of the problem.

This could be phone settings,  sms settings app, text blocking settings , the act of sending texts abroad to a foreign number , and can be an issue at either end in regards to the above.

Has Vodafone Customer services confirmed everything is ok at your end ?

As a process of elimination you could try your sim card in another phone.

Also check in your myvodafone that all looks set Ok.


Have you perhaps considered WhatsApp,  Snapchat, Facebook  messenger or email in the interim @markibod if you both use one of these platforms.

Current Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

Previous Phone >

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @markibod 


Are you able to call the number?


Unless you have already tried try sending the text as 001 followed by the remaining part of the number.  For example: 001234567890, your number would be 0047..............


If this does not work it could well be an issue with the US network where there is not an agreement with Vodafone.


If you haven't added the international text extra this is well worth doing to save money.  See here: Vodafone Extras 




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2: Seeker

I've checked all the phone settings, can't see any issues with the phone itself.

Vodafone Customer Services have confirmed that everything is ok on my end

Unfortunately I don't have another phone that I can check it in

I'll take a gander at myvodafone later!


She doesn't use WhatsApp, Snapchat is an option - will have a chat with her and see what happens :Smiling:

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2: Seeker

I've not tried calling the number as of yet and I'm pretty sure that I've got it setup on my phone correctly as either 001 or +1 (same thing right?) I'll try calling her later on (the joys of time difference!)

I got the international text extra last week and I'll look at the extras for international calls (providing that it goes through ok!)

Thanks for your help!

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