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Pay monthly

Ported number complex question

2: Seeker

So I have an premium number which my father gave to me which he bought from orange many years back , now when I ported my

Number over from pay as you go to an pay monthly sim ( this network ) it turns out that Vodafone now own my number too. I don’t get how that’s right ? Say for instance I want to port this back to an pay as you go number and make my contract an different number again, it’s not possible.  I’m confused how Vodafone own the number now. ( customer service told me anyways ) 

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17: Community Champion

When you ported from your previous network to Vodafone then Vodafone took control over the number so it is attached to your new Vodafone account. 

If you decide to port again then your free to take your number with you again.

However if for example a Vodafone account is suspended then the number can be quarantined and the number then given to someone new after a pre determined time that's its been out of use.

This only happens really if a person moves network and uses a Stac i.e decides not to take their number or an account is closed for non payment etc or in the case of Vodafone payg no account activity for 180 days and then a person does not ask for the number back within 90 days.

So in essence as I said Vodafone take control of the number while it's being used on their network but as long as an account is conducted properly you'll keep the number @H3udnn 

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