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Porting O2 mobile number to Vodafone "keepmynumber" doesn't ask for temp number?

3: Seeker
3: Seeker


Trying to port my existing O2 mobile number to Vodafone using "

Reading the info it says I need the temp Vodafone number I am porting my O2 number to.

But when using the tool it never asks for the Temp Vodafone number?

I bought two sims the same day which have different temp numbers, one is for me the other for my wife.

How does the tool know which temp number I want to use?

Will it just randomly select one of the 2 temp numbers?

Any help would be appreciated!




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @_Paul_ thanks for reaching out to us. When you're first asked for your mobile number, you'll need to enter the 'temporary number' you've been given. If you're on different plans, then you can check which 'temporary number' is linked to which plan, via your My Vodafone account. If you'd like us to check this for you, then please send us a message through Social Media

Hi Gemma,

Thanks for the response, the web form never prompts for the new sim mobile number it just simply asks for the number you want to port in.

Both new sims have the same plan.

Attached is a screenshot of the first web form I can add data to, at no time does it prompt me for the new Vodafone sim mobile number.

Voda Forum sim swap.JPG

I'm worried that the robotic on the back end of the web page will do something bizarre resulting in the loss of my number.

Uninspired by the "functionality" of the "keep my number" web page I went into a chat with one of  Vodafone's people and a very helpful lady has now arranged the port of my existing O2 number to the Vodafone sim temp mobile number of my choice, this should if all goes well be completed tomorrow sometime, fingers crossed!

I also received a confirmation email quoting both the ported number and the temp Vodafone number my existing O2 number will be ported to.





Thanks for clarifying, @_Paul_

I appreciate the concerns which you've raised regarding the 'Keep My Number' process, as we certainly want to ensure that we're making it as straight-forward as possible, so that our customers are confident in the process. 

On the 'Confirm' step of the process, all the details regarding the transfer, including which temporary number it was replacing, should've been detailed at that point. 

However, I understand that you've reached out to us on Live Chat to get this sorted and you've received the automated confirmation, so that will all go through for you as agreed. 

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for the response.

So let me get this straight you're saying it's only at the end of the process at the confirmation stage I can input/select which temp number to port my existing number to?

I'm not being pedantic here it's just I have another number to port in and want to get it right.

Some screenshots and a comprehensive walkthrough of the porting process would be great, do you have anything like that? I did find some YouTube videos but they had little pertinent information.

My number port from O2 might be taking a turn for the worse...

This morning I received an email from O2 saying they will be disconnecting my number today, no mention of a transfer just disconnection!

I'm worried now, do I just sit back and wait for the inevitable? or spend hours chasing O2 to see what's happening?



That's right, @_Paul_

When you first log in to your MyVodafone online account, you're asked to select the plan/number you want to look at, so when you go to transfer over your second number, I would recommend selecting the corresponding number before going into the 'Settings' section to transfer across your number. The confirmation page is there to ensure that all of details are correct, and that you are assigning the transferred number to the correct existing number, so this should help to avoid any incorrect transfers. 

There isn't currently an online walk-through guide for this, but your feedback is appreciated, as we're always looking to make things more straight-forward and accessible for our customers. 

With that being said, if you do have any concerns about the transfer of your second number, you can reach out to Social Media here and they can manually request the transfer for you.

In terms of the port request which has already been made, from O2's side it would flag that the service is being disconnected, so the notice you've received doesn't give me any cause for concern. The only reason why your number would be disconnected instead of transferred is if you'd provided a STAC instead of a PAC, but it would've been clearly outlined if you'd been given a STAC from O2, and the adviser you spoke with from our side would've mentioned if it was a STAC which you'd provided us with.

If you do have any concerns about your O2 account, I'd recommend reaching out to them, as we can only guarantee what we can see on our side, since we have no access to their accounts or systems. 

Unsuccessful porting

My mobile was supposed to have been ported across yesterday, and I was given assurance that all would be completed by midnight on the 22nd.

I can no longer receive text or calls but bizarrely can send them, It looks like the port has only partially succeeded ?

This is very worrying.

Email from Vodafone 11am on the 22nd saying they had successfully ported my number from O2.

At this point I could make calls and send text on Vodafones network but could not receive any calls/text?

However my O2 sim was still active at this point and was still receiving my calls and text.

Subsequent Email from O2 May 22 at 4:58 PM saying "Contact number changed" at that point O2 switched off their sim, from that point on I have not been able to receive calls or text.

I did "chat" to a nice gent "Nilkanth" around half past one on "Tobi" and he assured me this was temporary and everything would be completed and all working by midnight 22nd May, worryingly this is not the case.

I have health issues, I cannot receive calls or text, my phone is the only way the hospital can contact me.

Can someone please help.

We'd be more than happy to look into your port @_Paul_ Please drop our team a message over on our socials so we can take a closer look at your account. 

All resolved now thanks Janey!

Bizarrely my wife's phone was ported within an hour of the time given yet mine took better than 20 hours?

Both sim packages bought the same day and on the same account ?

On the day I put my original O2 sim in a spare phone so I didn't miss any calls, with my wife's phone we just fitted the Vodafone sim and left hers out, I wonder if by having both sims active at the same time this may have caused the slow port of my services?

Anyhow all seems good now thanks folks!


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Glad you’re sorted @_Paul_ 

Number porting in the UK is very complex. It requires intervention from the gaining provider, the losing provider and sometimes the number range holder (if thats not the same as your losing provider) to ensure all the different routing files are fully updated. 

This is how you can end up with split ports where you find you can make outgoing calls on both your old and new SIM card both showing your number on the caller ID yet incoming call routing can vary depending on where the call originated from (e.g. calls from EE mobiles may land on your old sim, calls from Vodafone may land on the new sim).

It’s more common than you think and it usually sorts itself before close of play on porting day. You know it’s fixed cos it’s at the point the port is completed in its entirety does the old sim lose network and go to ‘No Service’.

You did the right thing having your old sim in a different handset until it was fully fixed as thats the best way to ensure you didn’t miss any incoming calls whilst your port was split.