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Pay monthly

Price Plan Red 100GB

2: Seeker

So I can take out a new line on my account at £10 / month with 100 GB data, but I can’t change an existing line to that even though out of contract


As I use it on an iPad I’m not precious about the number. Are Vodafone really going to make me cancel one line and take out another? 

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16: Advanced member

Yeah I've seen the additional line offer that you're talking about. 

In answer to the question, yes is the answer. They offer it as an additional line offer but not as a re-grade offer.

If you're using the SIM in an iPad and don't care about the number then I would:

- Order the additional line 

- Get a STAC code for the other line that you currently have running

- Give the code to any of your friends who are with an alternative network and ask them to use it with their provider

That way your existing line will close within 24 hours meaning you won't be paying for both at the same time. 

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