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Privacy Abuse

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


My husband pays my Vodafone mobile bill through Vodafone business as an employee of his company. 

How much access has he got to my phone? We are going through a divorce and has insisted I keep costs low by keeping my current phone and plan. 

I am worried he could be tracking my calls, texts, data and downloads. Is this the case? Can someone at Vodafone please verify what he has access to and if there is a way I can protect myself? 




17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Unfortunately @RochelleR28 it will be his  account and he will have full access and be able to  see all the calls and texts sent from the online account. The only thing to do would  be for him to authorise a change of ownership or you consider a new contract and number in your sole name. 


@RochelleR28 Ask you ex to complete and submit this form : Change of Ownership this will get the airtime part of the contract in your name, the device part of the Evo contract will be a credit agreement in your ex name, he will be responsible for the repayments. Keep the phone your ex will be paying for.



can he see the incoming calls?

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Only outgoing @RochelleR28 he won't be able to see incoming calls and texts because they are not chargeable. As far as data is concerned he would only see the amount of data used in a session nothing else. 


I hope all goes well for you must be very worrying. 

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

He may want to insist about keeping costs low @RochelleR28 however it's entirely your decision to keep using an account and mobile number he has sole control over.

It's not also for me to tell you what to do > only that if this was my situation I'd pass the sim card back and phone if he supplied it [ after factory resetting it ] , and start with my new Vodafone number and account either on contract or Payg so that I was in control instead.

I wish you all the best.  😎 

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16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

This is an interesting one as your situation won't be unusual but it's worth understanding the following: 

- The account belongs to the account holder (guessing your husband if it's billed via his company)

- The account holder will have access to usage so will be able to see outbound traffic on the bill and via the online apps


You need to think if you want to continue using a line that belongs to him, if you do then bear in mind he can see outgoing traffic. He can't see incoming (or anything that is routed through third party apps such as WhatsApp)


Ideally it sounds like you need to separate your account so you can either:

- Go down the change of ownership route (requires his agreement) and take over the account for your line

- Give up the line and number and hand it back

- Get a PAC code and port the number to another network (this could incur early termination fees if the line is in contract)

- Get a STAC code and close the line completely (again could incur early termination fees)


Bit difficult when someone else is the account holder. Especially if you're not getting along. 

I wish you luck 

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

If you already use your phone as a means of authenticating yourself (receiving one-time codes, online card purchase authorissation etc), changign your number will be a hassle.   For that reaason, I'd try going down the change of ownership route as has been advised.   The is a further reason for this: you're then in control of paying for the line, rather than relying on someone else, who may simply decide to cut costs by cancelling it, meaning you have an unplanned and forced change of number.  The same would happen if payment was simply defaulted.