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RPI Price Increase 2019 - Applied to Handset?

4: Newbie

Just need some clarification form the experts here. Vodafone addded the published 2.5% RPI increase to my mobile bill this month. They've added the cost to my entire mobile phone bill.

My issue with this is that the contract price monthly included a handset as well. So, they've also added a price rise to the hardware as well after I purchased it - Is that allowed?

I thought the price rise was apply to Airtime only.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @geekl33tgamer 


Your contract comes in two parts, the hardware and the airtime contract, the hardware (phone) is entirely separate from the airtime contract.


That means the APR price increase April is based on the monthly line rental, and this will be at the full price of the contract excluding any discounts.

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17: Community Champion

So if a contract monthly tariff consists of the airtime and phone as separate entities how would one define how much is for the phone and how much for the airtime ?


My understanding is that the phone is provided as a perk of a full monthly contract.


Which is one reason the monthly tariff does not go down after the 24 month contract term ends. It drops onto a 30 day rolling contract I thought. 


A person upgrades or stays on a rolling contract.


My apologies if I'm confused over this.


Can someone link to a Vodafone official page etc that shows how to breakdown the two parts i.e. monthly tariff to pay for allowances and phone.


I'm aware other networks do this and as such two direct debits are taken i.e. one for the phone and one for the tariff.

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