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Returning a Phone Bought on Evo Plan

2: Seeker


Some advice really, I purchased a phone outright on the new Evo plan via telesales. Phone was purchased outright without an airtime plan. 

On receipt I didn't like the phone so wanted to return it within the 14 day period, quickest way I was told was too return it in store. Returned it too my local store and was told they couldn't process it on their system I needed to phone customer services. I've tried twice via this method, each time I'm informed a return will be raised and a return bag etc sent to me but nothing is received. 

After the second time I made a complaint and the customer relations team said they would arrange a return with the relevant dept. It came as no surprise to find out it never happened and now they have raised a "manual return" as the previously generated ones get automatically cancelled. I'm not holding out much hope!

So my question really is what can I do if this return request (5th attempt) doesn't go through? Its been almost a month since the phone was delivered. Are Vodafone breaking my consumer rights by not accepting a phone for return?

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17: Community Champion

In your case Vodafone certainly are not making the return a seamless process @Mattyclul33  :Sad_face:

In the official Vodafone Returns Support Page found here Returns it clearly states “ 

How to return an item.

Please bring any returns into your local store*

It's a concern why the Vodafone Highstreet Store could not effect a return unless it's because Vodafone Evo is a new product ?

That said it's been in place now for a good time period so their systems should be able to accept a return.q

Stores are be able to accept returns on any contract or Payg sale.

One for the Vodafone Social Media Team's to send feedback on in my opinion.

Vodafone would only be infringing it's own policy of Returns within the 14 day cooling off period if they then said you couldn't return the item,  which they are not doing. There just making a mess of arranging a simple return !

Because you've made contact the return will be noted on your account so don't worry about that 

My tip is to take time and date stamped pictures of the phone with one of it turned On to prove it's condition.

If you do send it back eventually by a Vodafone Returns Postal Pack then make sure you get proof of postage from the post office, and confirmation from the post office of it's insurance cover for potential loss in the post.

Personally I'd try that store again and speak to someone senior, and or try another store if one is local to effect a return.

You could have a word with the Vodafone Social Media Team's via Vodafone Social Media Team's Link  and or raise a complaint via Here. to further the return.

I wish you all the best with this. 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Mattyclul33 


As with all returns you have 14 days to make the return.


Returning a phone on Evo is more complicated you will have two plans one for the device and an Extra airtime plan, Vodafone will need to cancel the phone plan and airtime plan and that will be the reason for the store being able to accept the return.


The best thing to do is to speak to Vodafone through the Customer Service channels and they will be able to advise further.


Edited to add. It's standard 14 day returns policy and you can return in store, live chat or by calling Customer Services. 

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