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Sim Barred for sending group message

2: Seeker

I had a new sim and a new number, so I messaged out to my contacts to notify them and my sim has been barred by Corporate Security! 


When  you telephone the number they give you it is a voicemail service. 

Anyone else had this resolved or know how to get it fixed? 

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Hi @MusicGavin! I'm sorry to hear about your SIM. If you leave a voicemail with your name and number on the number within the text, a member of the team will get back to you shortly to get this resolved for you 🙂

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3: Seeker



If you sent out a lot of texts within a short space of time, it would look like you were spamming to the bots that monitor these things. Hence your sim got barred. A group message with a lot of recipients would also be treated as spamming.

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12: Established

Vodafone frown on group messages and will restrict your service almost immediately upon sending one.

Once service has been restricted, you're looking at 7-10 days without service as the fraud team are not contactable by customers and operates a voicemail service only. They are slow at what they do too!

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