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Spotfy Link will not work

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

So after Years with EE they are no longer Loyal. As i have broadband with Vodaphone i  thought i see what deal Vodaphone got. Got myself a sim only deal for my daughter ipad and i wanted a S24 which comes with one choosing of my Entertainment for 18 months. Got my text and went too sign up,, pick my Spotify and log into my account.. then when i click ok it spin Vodaphone a few times then says opps.. something went wrong and return to the selection process. So did a few times and and no luck. Called Vodaphone. The reset and even tried themselves. To be told give it a week and try again. 3 week later after fed up with Spotify adverts i called today. 3 hours i was on the phone to sort this out. At 1st i said it wrong as this was asking me to agree 3 months free then 10.99 will be added to my account. Guy said it be fine i won't be charge. So i carried on and it still would not work. I turned Wi fi off, use different browser and on the computer. Was advise to go instore and take some ID and they sort it. Hour later they could not help and told me they were wrong to send me in as they have no control over it. I feel they did this thinking i was being stupid and not doing it right so sent me to the shop. I know my technology very well. Still no where with it. They tried to take Spotify off and offer me a lower monthly fee but i be 4 quid worst off if i did this and pay for Spotify myself. It seem this is a long going issues and they have now said they are unable to help me any more. 
I tried to cancel and give the phone back the **** said you signed a contract so need to see it through. When i mention you need to honour it i just get they come up with a solution i refuse. Yes as it going to cost me more. 

What have people done to sort this out? i am all ears and sooooooooooooooooo **** off with this. I rely on Spotify at work all day



Hi @Marmite79 sorry to hear about your recent experience and difficulties in obtaining a resolution. We're here to help you. Please message our Social Media Team via the contact information found here so we can take a closer look into your account and this issue you're facing.