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Tried upgrading sim only deal

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I have spent the last 2-3 days trying to upgrade my sim only deal, yesterday i found a deal without logging in, that i wanted so selected that,, but when i logged in it showed the deal dirrent, ie deal i wanted was 25% off, but deal that showed 6 months half price, which over the course of the contract was £126 more, so obviously not the deal i wanted, so after a chat online i got a deal offered to me somewhere inbetween this, before i could say yes or no website crashed, so tried to chat again.  This is where it gets interesting I was told the 25% deal didnt exist, but i have screen shot of it and that previous advisor couldnt quote price i was offered as not possible to put more than 20% in.  So I was basically lied to and that advisor was trying to place blame.  I have transcript of conversations as well.

So i complained this morning, and was told they would investigate and maybe able to get deal i was after by phoning 191, which i did this afternoon.  I was again told couldn't do 20%, I then remember i can get a discount from vodafone via my employer,  I was advised to go online select the deal i want and use voucher code an it would give me discount, which it did,  Email confirmation confirmed the deal I signed upto was the 25% off, so was ok with that, then got email showing new billing info, They actually put me on the 6 month offer!  this is not the deal i signed up to. So phoned them went through all this and have now gone back to original deal, so i am now leavinf vodafone.  Is this how a customer of 30 years should be treated (i know shoild have left years ago, but always got a good deal) but because of this i am saving my self even more money!


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

You don't need to go direct with Vodafone, take a look at SIM only plans from third party sites @victorbaker and play the system to get your SIM only cheaper.  

The only problem is you will be given a new number and will need to move the number to the new third party contract.  This is done by cancelling the previous contract by asking Vodafone to put the number on PAYG leaving you free to move the number to the new contract.  The quickest way is by porting the old contract number out to any other network and back in on the new third party contract.

Further information here : Keep My Number 

If you use the forum search facility for transferring number from a third party contract there are some examples on how this is completed.  

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Some deals they show online are for Additional Line which are not applicable for Upgrades.
Reason they show additional, is based on your Cookie History which would indicate that you have logged in to your Account previously.

I got an Email offering 30% discount on Samsung S24 Ultra, but for Upgrades it is showing 6 months Half Price.