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URGENT ADVICE - Credit file default removal

2: Seeker

Afternoon Folks,

I'm in dire need of some help - when cancelling my vodaphone account and porting my number over my accoutn, online access/alerts and DD were cancelled PRIOR to final bill being reconciled. As a result, i owed a final payment (unknown to me) and suibsequently this was passed to a collections agecny (to my horror!) as soon as collections agency contacted me and was made aware of the issue, full payment was made, and account settled.


This however has resulted in a hard default on my credit rating (despite full reconciliation as soon as i was made aware), which is now affecting my ability to secure a mortgage!

How do I go about requesting to remove the default, I  know others have been successful?)

I'm begging here for any assistance! - Can anyone help me sort this out?


@bandofbrothers - can you help!?



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17: Community Champion

Hi @MTinney83 


I'm unable to remove the default as it's not in my power to do so as I'm a customer like you.


The Vodafone Social Media Teams here have a dedicated Credit File Specialist Team who can investigate this for you but I must point out that we do see cases where the account holder has cancelled their Direct debit too early leaving outstanding amounts owed which if Vodafone feel they have exhausted means of collection they can without prior warning add a default which lasts 6 years even when paid off. It's status changes from outstanding to settled but still remains. 


Vodafone would only remove a default if the default was 100% incorrectly added in the first place.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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2: Seeker

Thanks for your response, apologies I seen you tagged as a ‘fixer’ on another related post where assistance was sought and a good outcome. 


How do i get the attention of the credit file team? This is impacting my ability to secure a family home, I’m begging for some assistance,


can anyone help? 

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Hi @MTinney83, apologies for our delay in replying. I'm sure one of our Credit File specialists will be able to get to the bottom of the issues you're experiencing. As they'll need some personal information from you to help investigate this, please get in touch by following the instructions in the private message I've sent.

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