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Unlimited plan and tethering

4: Newbie


Know that there are several posts here in the forum about this, but mostly are old post and I want to be sure this is not a problem.


I have an unlimited plan. At my place I get download speeds of 200Mbps with my mobile. Home broadband is much slower as I only get around 30Mbps.

Questions is can I use my mobile to tether the mobile connection to download a game to my computer which is around 150GB? Should I be concerned about unlimited and tethering? Is unlimited, really unlimited or is there a cap? And tethering, am I allowed to do it for big amounts of data downloads?


Thanks in advance!


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11: Established

Unlimited is never truly unlimited!


If you’re using the service in a way which we believe is harmful to our network we may introduce certain traffic management measures such as throttling which might reduce your speed, reduce access to your services, impose further charges on your account or we may disconnect your SIM. We will attempt to notify you before any disconnection takes place. More information on traffic management.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes lol...

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17: Community Champion

Yes @alal 


The unlimited plans are truly unlimited and you are free to use data the way you wish with total freedom and without any worry of finding a WiFi connection. This is confirmed here:  Vodafone unlimited data 


It would be worth mentioning that you would need to be on the unlimited max for the fastest download speed, the unlimited lite and unlimited plans have a speed restriction and may be too slow to download a game.


It would also be worth checking the speed at your location from the Coverage Checker at the top of the page, this will let you know the maximum speed you can expect to achieve at your location, you will need a reliable connection to complete the download.

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