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Vodafone VEA email links already expired

2: Seeker
I hope you can help. My wife works for the NHS and we have always used the VEA scheme for many years. This year we need to apply for the discount in a different way where we fill in a form, upload my wifes NHS ID then wait for an email back from Vodafone. So my wife received the email back and it tells you to click on Logon to take you to another page where you can get the discounts.  The issue is when we click on Logon it says the token has expired. So my wife tried again on her personal email same issue. She even tried on my email and again it says token expired. So we dont really know what is going on here and its very frustrating. I even contacted Vodafone on twitter and the agent asked me for a discount code to proceed with the help but I said how can I give a discount code when it says token expired when we try to get the codes.
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Hi @reza-aziz! I'm sorry you're receiving an error with the VEA discount code. I would recommend that the account holder pops back to our Social Media team with a screenshot of the error that you're both receiving and then a member of the team can investigate further. We're unable to access accounts over the forum as it's a public platform, but please let us know how you get on 🙂

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