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Vodafone lost my mobile no. after porting PAC code

3: Seeker
3: Seeker


Over a week ago I changed network provider from EE to Vodafone. On Monday  8/4/24  My PAC code had ported and my phone worked perfectly on my old number.  Cutting a long story short on the Wednesday my phone started getting random texts and phone calls for someone else and I realised I had a different phone number. 

I rang customer services and I  eventually got my complaint escalated to a Manager in the customer services department who told me the Agent on Monday had left her screen open when she took the next call and and they've lost my original no (albeit  temporarily hopefully .  I've had my old number for 24 years)

I've still had no contact besides myself ringing customer support numerous times, who are very nice, but unable to help as they say it's being dealt with and a Manager will ring me when they have any update. I was promised a call by Management today Tuesday 16th April  but it never happened. I am scared to answer my phone as some of the calls sound very dodgy and I'm getting Government texts and calls. for whoever's phone number I have. This is impacting on my day to day commitments, You can understand  that I don't want to give out this NEW! number that I've been given to family, friends , work or financial Institution.

We are going away very shortly and I want to get this resolved before I go away,  but I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall.

Any help or advise would appreciated 




Hi @Eleni Thanks for your message, I'm really sorry to see the journey you've had! I can completely understand your concerns given how you long you've had the number too. We'd be more than happy to look into this for you, please pop our team a message over on our social channels so we can investigate this further. Just let them know you've posted here too.

Thank you  JaneyR

I did and I  got my number back this afternoon 😬


Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm glad to hear you've got your number back now @Eleni - Thanks for the update 😊