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Zone D and charges for send/receive WhatsApp messages

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I’m in a zone D country (Argentina). I’ve installed a local eSIM and that has mobile data and data roaming switched on.  I’ve switched off data roaming for my vodaphone “uk home” sim. I’ve switched almost every app to off re mobile data - except maps etc of course. If I leave WhatsApp switched on for mobile data, so I can keep in touch with taxis, tour companies etc will I be charged the £6.85 a day zone D roaming charge by vodaphone? i.e. do I have to switch WhatsApp off for mobile data and rely on a download of WhatsApp messages when I’m back in. Wifi zone like my hotel? Just couldn’t find this very specific answer, and was worried about being clobbered with vast roaming charges unknowingly. Thanks. 



Hi @MarkA61 👋 If you only have your local eSIM activated on your device your UK SIM will not be used. Any actions you take on your phone will then just use the data from the local SIM and will not incur any charges with us. If you swap back to the your UK SIM while in Argentina, and you then used your device you would incur our normal charges for the country you're in.

Thanks Andy. Very specific Q. I have bothe the local eSIM and the Vodaphone sim “turned on” using the green slider under mobile data. But the Vodaphone is off for data roaming. Iso the local sim is for data . The Vodaphone sim is do can still keep in contact and use bank 2FA type services. I was told (and watched on YouTube) that I can still receive messsged free on my old No. ie the Vodaphone sim. That’s what I’m trying to clarify. If the Vodaphone sim is “on” but data roaming is off and I only receive WhatsApp messages over WiFi will I get charged the £6.85 zone D a day? Sorry to be so deep dive specific but it’s my 1st day here in Argentina and I want to get it right and not go home to massive bills. 

I understand @MarkA61. It will be free to receive texts and WhatsApp will only use a data connection anyway, so if the data connection is only available on your local SIM no charges will be incurred. I hope you enjoy your time in Argentina 😊