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Pay monthly

anyone had issues switching from vodafone pay monthly?

2: Seeker

As title, switched from vodafone pay monthly as it meant not having to switch to a new sim card.

Happy with reduced price and offers, but coverage and data can be variable. Reading here it seems that I'm not on the voxi apn settings but the vodafone pay monthly ones. But twist when I turn it from the vodafone settings to the voxi ones i get no data at all.

Any ideas or am I resigned to talking to support?

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17: Community Champion

Voxi and Vodafone APN settings will be the same.


I suspect your problems here is the phone is defaulting to the pay monthly settings and you will need to delete the pay monthly settings from your access point names.  I would recommend texting WEB to 40127, you should then receive a text with the settings.


Device guides will give you information of connecting to the internet here: Device Guides Also see here: Voxi APN settings 


If you continue to have problems, Voxi support will help.

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