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Pay monthly

cant add charge to billing to google play store

2: Seeker

tried so many times its stupid and im bored of it now need some help. it doesnt even show me the option to add vodafone to the account



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17: Community Champion

You should certainly be able to add charge to bill to your account @richierich2022 


Have you tried adding your account by following this link: Charge to Bill 


If you have Spend Manager on your account make sure you have not set this to zero or this will prevent you charging to your bill.   If you are a new customer Vodafone would also add a credit limit to the account.


If you still have problems, drop the Social Team a message through Twitter or Facebook social channels with a link to the thread and they will help here: Contact Us 


edited to add additional information.  The accepted Google pay methods are here: Accepted payment methods on Google Play 


Unless things have changed, the limit is £30 per transaction and £50 per calendar month for purchases.


I would recommend speaking to the Social Team they will be more than happy to look into this for you and apart from a long web chat or waiting in a lengthy queue will have much more success than going through Customer Service channels.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @richierich2022 


Others have experienced this issue too.

A quick forum search should bring some of these up which may hold some information within.

I would suggest to call 191 or use Live Chat and they'll access your account to help you with this.

I wish all the best. 

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