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Sure Signal/ GigaCube

gigacube 5g will it work on 4g?

2: Seeker

Probably a really stupid question but...


Am looking at getting a 5g gigacube as my home broadband only get 4-5mbs on a good day... on the coverage checker I'm right on the edge of a signal from good in and outdoor to limited coverage, so I suspect the 5g connection maybe weak and drop occasionally does the gigacube then just connect at the next best, 4g or over 3g? 

Am only interested in the 5g to A. future proof it and B. the 4g doesn't offer an unlimited package, which I need as I'm a heavy user

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Hi @Needinternet Your Gigacube will connect to the strongest signal available, so if the 5G signal does drop, you'll move onto the next best signal. keeping an eye on the network checker as you're doing is also a really good way to keep track of the signal you can expect in your area.

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