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Locked Sony J8110

1: Seeker

I contacted Vodafone over a month ago asking for a NUC so I could gift my old phone to my elderly dad.  The sent me a non-functioning NUC which I tried twice.  I contacted Vodafone support who insisted I try it another time, then went through the NUC request process themselves to generate the same NUC code which they insisted I tried twice.  This then locked up my phone.  Every time I've contacted Vodafone since I've been sent one of four NUC codes which don't work because my phone is locked from the incompetence of the first support person who failed to understand what needed to be done to resolve the issue.


I believe you can request a MUC or MCK which could unfreeze the lock but, despite requesting this on four separate occasions, I keep getting NUC codes sent to me, but are merely repetitions of one or more of the four NUC codes I've already been sent.

I've had another look through the forum and on Sony's own website and it seems to be that the phone needs sent in to Vodafone to be unfrozen and unlocked by them but there is no complaints procedure for the appalling customer service I've received available to me and the customer support I get in touch with seem incapable or unwilling to give me that solution.


Can someone here help?




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17: Community Champion

Hi @hipster666 


A MCK or unfreeze code is usually required by certain Samsung phones that need thus as well as the Nuc.

If a phone is hardlocked like yours which means there are 0 attempts to use a Nuc the. Vodafone need to send it away to have the counter reset before you can try another Nuc.

There is a complaints procedure via the Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries _ Vodafone Social Media Team's  who are part of the Customer Escalation Team or via this link Vodafone complaints/code-of-practice. 

Current Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

Previous Phone >

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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1: Seeker

Hi, I have had no luck going through the Facebook Messenger contact with Vodafone, just simply put on the same merry-go-round I've been on for a month.  I've already tried the phone number to be told by an answering service that it's no manned at the moment, so no luck there.  I've just submitted a complaint using the web form, so thanks for that.  Hopefully I'll get some luck with that route but it did say it can take up to two weeks for a reply.


I've been a long standing customer of Vodafone but the service I've had this year has been terrible!  Would love to know why it's gotten so hard to get any kind of support or service from them?


Thanks again

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