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Getting sim lock unlock code

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I've bought an old Sony Ericsson K800i that is locked to Vodafone and I would like to get an unlock code to use it with other sim cards. I live in Poland and I don't have any valid UK sim cards to put my phone number on official unlock website. Any help would be appreciated, have a nice day:)

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17: Community Champion

Unfortunately Vodafone UK can't help with unlocking the phone @uwu as your not in the UK and not able to use the phone in the UK with a Vodafone UK Payg sim card to latch the phone's serial number to a valid UK Vodafone Account.

Vodafone UK has two stipulations to unlock their phones.

1. The phone was bought from Vodafone UK.

2. The phone isn't blacklisted.

You could ask the original owner to see if they can fill out the unlocking form.

Or alternatively You'll need to see if a shop that advertises they unlock phone's can help or look at reputable online unlocking sites who'll charge for the unlock.

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13: Advanced Member

You can buy an unlocked Sony Ericsson K800i on eBay for around £10.

Hardly worth the hassle unlocking the one you have! Just buy an unlocked handset on eBay and keep the battery, charger and cover on the locked handset as spares and bin the rest.

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