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NUC code not working

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2: Seeker

Dear Team,

I requested NUC twice and both time it failed to unlock. I went online to see why and it appears that I have no more attempt left. I have attached the screenshot. To cut long story short. My original phone started having trouble charging and I sent for repair to Vodafone and came back and the problem started again after a month and so on and so forth. Finally, I was given another phone. Now I want to to unlock it but it won't ...Please help.


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17: Community Champion



Be careful not to use up all your attempts or you could hardlock the phone which means Vodafone would then have to send it away to be reset.

Are you using an alternative Network Sim Card that is activated i.e connects to mobile data etc ? And are you in the Uk.

May I ask > What make and model of phone are you trying to unlock ?

I ask as some Samsung phones also need a MCK Mastercode also known as an unfreeze code as well as the Nuc.

Some other phones need the Nuc keying in a certain way such as Nokia phones.


If you get stuck Live Chat or the Vodafone Social Media Team via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries can help by supplying the MCK or provide advice on how to use the Nuc.


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 


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Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



Thank you Band of brothers. I have Sony Xperia XZ. I tried a few times with the code they supplied. Never got any warning but looks like I don't have any more attempts left as you can see from the screenshot I have attached.



I can see it says max attempts 5 on your attachment.

On some countdown timers when it says 0 next to Network it can mean there are no more tries.

This points to me that you had 5 attempts to try unlocking the phone.

If the phone is indeed now hardlocked then the Vodafone Nuc won't work.

As I mentioned earlier once a phones hardlocked it then usually needs to be sent away for the counter to be reset and then you can try the Nuc again.

edit > Either speak to Vodafone via Live Chat or tthe Vodafone Social Media Teams and they'll advise what options you can use to send it off if iit's Hardlocked or wait for the Vodafone Highstreet Stores to re open after the pandemic has ended and they'll send it away for you.

Did you follow the instructions in the email that came with the Nuc from Vodafone.

From a quick search and using the How Do I Use Nuc directs to using an alternative Network Sim Card and key in the Nuc which should then unlock it.


Going from the Sony Official Page. 



To check the number of attempts for Network Unlock Code (NUC)

Remove any SIM card from the Xperia device.

Turn on the device.

Dial *#*#7465625#*#* to access the service menu.

Tap Service info → SIM lock.

Look for the 'X' mark.

If 'X' is on Network and the value is different than 0, you can remove your device's operator lock.


To enter the Network Unlock Code (NUC).

Turn off the Xperia device.

Insert the SIM card from your new operator.

Turn on the Xperia device.

If prompted, enter the PIN code for the SIM card (4 digits).

Enter the Network Unlock Code / Network Control Key (16 digits).


Note! The device will become hard locked if too many unsuccessful attempts are made.



An example:


 [X] Network 10 < This means that the device is operator-locked and that you have 10 attempts to enter the code. 

If the counter by Network says 0, it will not be possible to remove the operator lock. The device is either blocked or "hard locked". Contact your local support for further assistance.

Note! For branded or devices customized to certain carriers, such as (D6708) Xperia™ Z3v (Verizon), (D6616) Xperia™ Z3 (T-Mobile), there is a designated application to remove the operator lock. Always contact your operator for Network Unlock Code information. 



Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I sent my phone in for repair through Huawei and they changed my mother board on the phone so the IMEI number has changed.

When I got the phone back the SIM that I use does not work. I have gone backwards and forwards wth both Huawei and Vodafone but to no avail. The original imei that Vodafone gave me has changed due to huawei and Vodafone are claiming it's not one of their devices.

I have 12 months left on my contract and who ever I speak to tell me to wait 10 days and after then I still get an unsuccessful nuc code email

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hey @Imrakhan1986, if you purchased the contract through Vodafone directly, we'd be happy to look into this for you. I'd recommend that you drop us a message via Social Media, and we'll be happy to get the ball rolling on this 👍