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Nokia 2.3 unlocking

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I bought Nokia 2 3 from Argos clearance sale 2 or 3 months ago locked to vodafone  all effort to unlock is proofing abortive  its like the imei number is not on vodafone database . What can i do pls anybody???


Hi all on the platform 

After 30 days on PAYG i moved pay monthly then i asked by filling the form from my local vodafone store and the response by email after 2 days was that i did not purchase the phone from Vodafone so vodafone can not unlock. 

View solution in original position


Thank you for the update. Much appreciated.

Yes . Ok

Am on PAYG sim now and we see after 30 days



As par your directive

I used PAYG sim for 30 + days and now on pay monthy on vodafone too 

And when i asked by filling the form the response was the same as before. That Vodafone can not unlock the Nokia 2.3

So whats to do next please

Hi @taiyeoresegun & @Nokia23, as long as your account's are registered and you've made regular use of the phone through our network over the 30 days, there shouldn't be any problems unlocking your phones. So we can take a closer look into this for you we'll need access to your accounts. As we're unable to discuss your account details here, pop us a private message through one of our social channels and we'll be happy to get to the bottom of this for you.


Yes i used 1 high street unlocker no show

Used 3 online unlockers but not successful  


Thats what am trying to do now with a pay as you go sim. I will do as suggested to make calls and texts for the next 30 days and we see afterwards.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @taiyeoresegun 


Are you absolutely sure the phone is locked to Vodafone ?  Third party sellers do not lock phones to the network, Vodafone stopped locking phones around the middle of last year and all networks stopped locking at the end of last year. 


If you have tried an alternative SIM in the phone and you receive a message that the SIM is not supported use a Vodafone PAYG SIM in the phone, make a few chargeable connections to associate the IMEI with the network and complete the form below.


Unlock My Phone 

Yes  i tried other networks sims and saying input unlock code or sim not supported .

But only vodafone sim worked  

Thanks. Av now put PAYG sim and it worked and i will give feedback after 30 days