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Apple watch with business account

2: Seeker

I have an apple watch and a business user phone contract arranged and managed by a 3rd party but bills payable direct to Vodafone. Vodafone say its easy to connect Onenumber to my account but they cant do it as the 3rd party need to do it. However 3rd party say they don't do it!! Am I doomed to go without my cellular connection and unlimited data or is there another way round? 

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Hey there @Bertiesly - If you have a Vodafone account in yours or your businesses name, and the Pay Monthly service and Apple Watch service are active on that account we would be able to help with setting up OneNumber 👍

If you have a look at our OneNumber page are you able to login to your Vodafone account and register your watch? So that we can check your account with us, could you drop us a message on social media with your full name and mobile/account number please? Make sure to also include a link back to this post to save you repeating yourself.

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