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Changing Watch - Moving one number between devices

3: Seeker

I have an existing one number on my watch and have bought the new watch 

What I thought would be an EASY process has turned into a fiasco..... 

At present the on line tool via the iPhone takes you to a point where you request to remove the plan and bang u need to call 191 - the trouble is that none of the advisers know what to do 

Current process is to DICONNECT the current number (told can take 30 days REALLLY ??) 

To me this is not logical - its an e-sim surely the process should be remove device id and then its open to add another one ?

EE allows MULTIPLE devices which makes more sense - why is this not the case Vodafone? 

HELP - anyone else going through this ? 

Not the seamless approach I was expecting .... 

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Hey there @Harrisgj, we can certainly help with this and advise of best steps!

Just to check, did you get the new Apple Watch through us? Was the old one with us as well?

On the MyVodafone app are you able to unpair and disconnect the One Number yourself? 

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3: Seeker

The watches I bought direct from apple in both cases 

The app did not offer the option to manage the one number - it just told me I had too many connections and to call 191 as per my note above 

At present the advisers are cancelling my secondary phone number - not sure how that helps?

And we can then see where we go

tried the SIM swap myself once I dug around but that does not appear to help 


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Hey @Harrisgj 

Cheers for replying! I see you mentioned that our advisors were cancelling your second number, have you heard back from them and has this helped? 

If not, did they give you any more advice? 

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The process needs to be followed is this. 

Turn the plan off on the old watch - ideally unpair if you no longer need or want it 

1 - Phone customer services on 191 ask for help with ONE NUMBER 

Set up watch DO NOT SET up data plan skip that step but have the watch activated and ready on WIFI 

2- Tell customer agent to check UID on current one number and get them to do a SIM SWAP to the new device. This effectively unpairs old device and number and enables you to one DONE to go in your account settings and do the sim SWAP 

3- You will get notification by MAIL and text that the ONE number is reset and then you can do the sim swap and once that has been done you can then proceed with setting up the plan on the phone and watch

Once the txts are received you can then set up the plan you MAY need to restart the phone. 

This worked and now we are back up an running. 


The Vodafone team need to review the process and document this on their support site and train the chat and phone agents I tried all methods but was ONLY successful when found a team member who KNEW what to ask the agent and tell them to check the systems for etc.   

Ideally they need to allow more than one device like EE and the issue goes away........ 

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2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Just a quick question for you on this, and I’m hoping that you can answer. 


I’m in contact with the tech team and their advice for the sim swap is to input the EID for the new device. This doesn’t sound right to me, although I’m happy to be proven wrong in this instance. 


It seems for more logical that when you request the sim swap you provide the details of the existing EID and then you would setup the new one when adding the data plan to the new device. 


EDIT: I’ve been proven wrong. Sim swap worked almost immediately and now is all up and running. 

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