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Esim swap

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Have just tried to swap Esim to a new Apple Watch 8.Went in to app, settings, account,swap sim, select secondary device, Apple Watch. No matter how many times I enter the Eid, it will not highlight next and I can go no further.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @Frommo 

If your already using an eSim profile in your iPhone then this similar thread may help in regards to possible limitations on how many device's that can be used with an eSim  > 

There are other similar threads via a forum search which may help.

This is a support page from Vodafone UK in regards to eSim > SIM-eSIM/eSIM/How-do-I-activate-and-set-up-a-device-with-eSIM. 

Customer Services on 191 / Live Chat or the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM here can also help in regards to accessing your account to help you further. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



I have a physical sim in the iPhone, the app just won’t let me enter the Eid of the new watch to sim sim swap on that.

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's a bit strange @Frommo. If you're still having difficulty completing your SIM swap, pop us a private message through one of our Social channels and we'll take a look into this for you.

I have the exact same issue - the web form seems to be broken and will not allow the new EID to be submitted.  Has this been revolved for the original enquirer and what can I do to get it resolved quickly? I’ve already spent several hours in a web chat.

It has been resolved and everything is working again now, but only after a few hours of calls and webchat, seems with CS you just need to persevere until you eventually get through to the right person.

Something I got asked in one of the later calls was had I deleted the Esim from the old device before the swap. Don’t know if it makes a difference, but if so it might be worth reinstating the old device and try the sim swap again.

more technical people on the forum might be able to confirm if this is correct.

Very useful post. I accidentally deleted the mobile service profile in the Apple Watch and have spent an hour trying to reinstate. The website is absolutely useless. I get 2 options: activate as new and create a secondary onenumber subscription, or tie my one number to a device. Neither option are any good since my account thinks it’s already allocated. Other help guides say to swap the e-sim of the watch but the EID web form does not accept the number format. Looks like I can only sort this through 191. Very frustrating. You would have thought a onenumber subscription could be reallocated and reinstated on the fly. 

For anyone with this, technical support have raised an issue with the web form when managing eSim swaps with onenumber connectivity. The automatic formatting in the web field prevents the EID from being accepted. The 32 character number becomes split into 4-digit segments. The next option does not become available.


I have a support reference if anyone has similar issues.




Vodafone, you have beaten me. 


After spending hours trying to get an update I went ahead and cancelled the OneNumber subscription. The activation process does seem to work (just), its the eSim swap that is broken. I have now received a text saying because I made a change to my airtime plan I am no longer eligible for 50% discount on watch connectivity.


Why is this so hard??