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I need my phone blocked

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I got a Vodafone Contract through Carphone Warehouse last year, the contract doesn’t finish till next year. My phone which is part of the contract was stolen last Saturday I have spoke to three different Vodafone staff members and all of them keep telling me to get Carphone Warehouse to block the phone with IMEI number as they are the ones who provided the contract. I need to show proof that the phone is blocked for my insurance and also for my peace of mind, to know that no one else can use it. Carphone haven’t got the ability to block phones and Vodafone refuse even though their SIM is the only SIM that has been in my phone. I know Vodafone should be able to do this as many people have advised that the carrier should do it. I don’t understand why they’re being difficult. Does anyone have any advice?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

By coming to the forum @KJ1959 you have found the best place to get this solved directly from the Social Team,  Drop them a message through social channels by following this information and they will get the phone blocked Contact Us 

Thanks, I’ve just sent a message via Facebook, will wait for their response. Let’s hope they do this because I am desperate