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Mobile data always shows 4G but almost always has no internet,

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3: Seeker

I can do mobile calls but that’s it, can’t go online anywhere. Other people with the same plan can go online but I can’t? It occasionally works for a few seconds then cuts out again.

I’ve tried turning it on and off, airplane mode on and off, Wi-Fi, phone, Bluetooth, etc.

It doesn’t show that there’s no internet connection, just permanently connecting.


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3: Seeker

I’ve also gone through the troubleshooting process and it doesn’t help

Hey @Sophiecccc I hope you're doing well. I can absolutely appreciate how frustrating this must be and we need to get your data up and running. We will need to check a few things on your account and then run some testing with your phone and SIM and the network. As we have no account access on the Forum, please reach out to the Social Media Team so we can take a look into this and help get it all resolved. 

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2: Seeker

Have you tried to reset network settings on your iphone? This may help to refresh your network. Or try force restart your device, whenever i encounter iphone issues, i restart it and the problem can be fixed in most cases. Also, you can try to use your sim card on another device to see whether it works, if it works, there might be a ios system issue, in this case, you can try a professional ios system recovery software like Joyoshare, iMyfone, etc. The former is more affordable, it's pretty easy and I used to fix my Hotspot issue with it: