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No Mobile Data following Iphone update

3: Seeker

My iphone updated to IOS 14.3 a couple of days ago and now, although I still get the 4G symbol at the top, I can't get any mobile data at all.

I've tried restarting the phone

I've taken out the SIM and re inserted after a restart

I've checked all of my mobile data settings for the APPs and in general.

The ridiculous TOBI help bot is not helping at all and 191 just keeps sending the same text to us TOBI.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @coolinshot 


I was going to suggest synchronising to your Apple itunes account, but you have probably already tried this.  You can also try texting WEB to 40172, this will update the SIM on the network and configure the APN settings.


However, this does seem a common occurrence with Apple after an update.  I know this link refers to a previous update but the suggestions may help.

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3: Seeker

Hi Thanks for your response. I had tried all of your suggestions to no avail.

I booked a telephone appointment with Vodafone Support and all I had to do was to "Reset Network Settings" which I was reluctant to do because I thought it would delete all my WiFi and Network Passwords etc but this wasn't the case (as the support guy said).

It seemed to work anyway and I've had no issues now since


Thanks for helping

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