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Sim not activating

2: Seeker

Hi I’ve been waiting 36 hours for my sim to be activated since I got my phone and it’s still not working, I’ve moved my old contract from o2 to vodaphone and really not impressed as I can’t use my phone for my text calls or my work!

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Rachelgab 


Numbers don't port over a weekend on any network, if you submitted your PAC on Friday, it may not be actioned until today and you can expect the number to be active on the network by late tomorrow afternoon.


Usually a quick turn off and back on does the trick, otherwise try doing a network scan from your connection settings and select Vodafone.  Also, try synchronizing to your Apple account.


In the meantime, you will still have service on your O2 SIM, when the O2 SIM shows no service the number will be in the porting process.

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