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Android Mobile Device Freezing and Slow Performance

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I've been facing some significant issues with my Android mobile device recently. It keeps freezing and experiencing slow performance, which is hindering my day-to-day usage.

The device becomes unresponsive at times, with delays in opening apps, switching between screens, and even performing basic tasks like typing. It's frustrating and affecting my productivity.

I have already tried rebooting the device, clearing cache, and minimizing the number of installed apps, but the problem persists.

Has anyone else encountered similar issues with their Android mobile devices? If so, how did you resolve or troubleshoot them? I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions to improve the performance of my device




Hi @sindhuagarwal Have you checked our device guides here? I'd recommend starting there for some help steps on getting the most out of your phone. If you still need help, my team would be more than happy to provide some advice. Just pop us a message over on our social channels and we'll take a closer look.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

After trying various solutions, I found one that significantly improved its performance. I discovered that a specific app was causing the slowdown. By uninstalling that app and optimizing my device's storage, I noticed a remarkable difference in speed and responsiveness.I supposed to checking my Resource files are at the core, installed apps [Removed]  Toast is contacted and Status cannot be deleted. especially those that might run in the background or have recent updates. Additionally, consider using the "Safe Mode" to identify if a third-party app is the culprit. This approach helped me pinpoint the issue and enhance my device's overall performance.

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17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Team watch this one. 

The poster has posted a third party application that may contain embedded malware and be able to spy on an Android device.

For anyone reading this thread DO NOT install any modified third party applications, keep to the official App and only install recommended applications released by the developer from the Play Store.

4: Newbie

First thing you should do is to enter into 'Safe Mode' on Samsung to check whether the problem still continues in the Safe Mode or not. If it continues, it is related to the OS or hardware. If not, it is related to a third-party application which should be removed your account immediately.