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Huawei P20 message tones/microphone

16: Advanced member

I've had my Huawei P20 for a month now and while I realy like it, there are a couple of very minor, but annoying glitches that are drivign me crazy.


There is a default messahe tone (called bongo) which I changed to a different tone, however when I get a message the phone plays both the chosen tone and the default tone at the same time, which just sounds odd.

Then there is an issue with the microphone, quite often when I make or receive a call the other person cannot hear me, and I have to restart the phone in order for the microphone to work. I have been told that I need to switch off the permisison that the google app has for voice control - as this appears to take control of the microphone meaning no other app, including the one used to make phone calls, can use it.  If have done that but surely that can't be the reason as the whole idea of Google voice app is that it is "always on" liesting and ready to respond to "OK Google"?

Anyone else have/had these problems and manage to resolve them?

Huawei P30 ELE-L09,

Android Version - 10 EMUI Version 10.1.0 (Custom Version VDF.GB

Last Update 30.6.20


Baseband- 21C20B379S000C000
Nova Launcher. Chrome browser.

My phone history (back to 1997!):

Huawei P30, P20, VF Smart V8, Note 4, S4, S2, Tocco Ultra, F490, P300, E250, RAZR v3, Timeport 250, A300, Star-Tac 


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Hi @SimonWilding I'd say if you continue to have problems with the microphone, that you pop in to your local store to get this double checked. It's odd that you'd have to disable any settings that are set, because people rely on things like google assist and Siri for day to day activities. Let us know how you get on with this. 

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