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Motorola Moto G32 VoLTE / WIFI calling

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I recently bought a new moto G32 in preparation for the 3G network switch off next year but I've just received a text telling me my device isn't compatible with 4G calling!  I've used the online checker on the Vodafone website and the IMEI code for this brand new handset comes back as not compatible.

I've tried switching on WIFI / 4G calling through my account and was unable because I'm not eligible.


I didn't buy the handset from Vodafone, but I see an identical model is available on the Vodafone store, so please can someone explain why I can't receive this service?  I will be very unhappy if I've just paid out for a brand new device that turns out to be incompatible with Vodafone.


I'm on PAYG.




So just an update on this thread.  I contacted customer services today via TOBi and asked when the Moto g32 would be supported and how to enable WiFi / 4G calling.  The operator enabled it for me then and there and the option to enable WiFi calling has now appeared on my phone.


It does seem to be working, through WiFi at least (I've had no signal at work for a few days due to the local mast being down) so it would appear the G32 is supported.


Thanks everyone for your replies.

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Thanks.  I will get in touch shortly, but at the moment I am in the process of getting a SIM from another provider simply to check whether my phone will do 4G calling with a carrier other than Vodafone.  This will take a couple of days and I will then follow up with the team as you suggest.  Either way I am happy with Vodafone and do not intend to change service provider.

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I think network not supported to your specific model so it could be the reason.