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Samsung S24 Vodafone Delivery

4: Newbie

Hi All,

I placed an order for the Samsung S24 Ultra yesterday. In one of the emails I've received from Vodafone, it says that delivery will be Wednesday 24 January. 

However, I'm not sure this is correct information. I remember last year, Vodafone screwed everything in terms of S23s delivery where they advertised a phony date and delivered most of them 10 days later. 
Plus, if you order the phone directly from Samsung UK, Samsung says that delivery is scheduled for 02 February. 

What do you guys think the true delivery date will be? 

Thank you


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Yes @prodigualson as you have found Vodafone will keep you updated throughout the order process, you have already received an email confirming delivery will be on the 24th January and there shouldn't be any problems. 

When dispatched you will receive a further email with fully tracking information.  Vodafone have this information from the website. Orders and Delivery 

again, no they won't! Last year it was a mess and vodafone did not update anyone on the "process"! Your response looks like a bot response, not real life one. 

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Thanks for that.  Such a polite reply.  

You only ordered yesterday. Vodafone can only provide information they have and they have notified to expect delivery on the 24th January.  

If you don't get a tracking email on the 24th, that is time time to come to come to the forum and tell Vodafone orders are a mess.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

No one posting here knows the real answer.

You've got the standard Vodafone answer already. In reality most orders will be fine and delivered on time, but they don't come on here to post good news, so you just get the few that did have an issue. Some will be delayed due to stock, incompetence, etc, but there's nothing you can do except assume the date given will be met.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

so i preordered a s24 ultra 2wweks ago and got a message today saying its 10 days now on back order, what is the point of preordering something when you are still having to wait for it, just more vodafone incompetence

I agree that they should have a system in place to advertise when pre orders can't be delivered within the normal timeframe. They just don't care.. 

Because its a queue, first come first serve 

that's irrelevant! Even on the "first come first served" basis, they know how many phones they have, how many have been purchased and how many are left so they should either stop accepting pre orders once they are sold out or advise customers that they will receive the phone after the advertised date for those who order after the whole stock is sold!

Still no phone even tho i pre ordered and get a email this morning saying its going to be another 10 days at least...... It is taking the ##~##... This isnt the idea of a pre order.... This is just a colossal ##~## up