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Sony Xperia pro 1

2: Seeker

Hi again 

Was wondering on the off chance if there is any knowledge on wether the sony Xperia pro 1 will be coming to vodafone someone must know something

I waited for the xperia 1 iii still nothing and thats old now so the pro will be nice

Does make me wonder if the is an issue with vodafone and sony as thats 2 flagship models that i know of with no knowledge 

Im long over due a upgrade now but you dont offer anything i want 





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17: Community Champion

This is a recent thread @Antman1



I haven't seen any new news yet. 

Current Phone >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb.


Secondary Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 256gb.

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Not applicable

The Sony Xperia Pro 1 is a very niche (flagship) device, with estimated global sales of just a few thousand.  It's the kind of device that realistically you are only going to get by sourcing it yourself and then setting up if necessary (not hard).

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4: Newbie

Sadly, nope.

O2 have a network exclusive here in the UK so Vodafone ain't gonna be stocking it .

You can of course still acquire one, just that you'll have to pay the full up-front price of £1599.95 .

There's a bright side to this insomuch that you'll not need a very expensive contract to acquire one. Raise the upfront cost and you should be able to get a decent Vodafone SIM Only deal. That will save you money over 24 months.

Don't get put off by detractors. For its intended purpose i.e a smartphone with the best camera available, with a substantial OEM accessory list, a stunning screen and HiRes sound it is out on its own. How much of that is applicable to you is something only you can answer.

Finally, if you're happy with Vodafone then I wouldn't recommend swapping to O2 just to get it on contract. Get the money together, buy it offline and you've then got the best of both worlds.






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