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Tricky problem! Dual SIM Samsung S23 mobile data not working for Vodafone

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SHORT VERSION OF BELOW: When roaming, Vodafone mobile data only works in my dual SIM phone when there is a single SIM installed, Why and what to do? ....


Being a digital nomad, i have a dual SIM phone (Samsung S23 Ultra) to help ensure data connectivity everywhere. I have an O2 SIM in tray 1 and a Vodafone SIM in tray 2. All is working fine and I switch between the two SIMs for mobile data depending of data usage and signal strength. 


Now I am roaming from the UK to Ireland and I noticed that Vodafone has no data connectivity, yet my girlfriends phone that uses Vodafone is connecting at 5G.  I did all the usual checks... roaming enabled, SIM 2 selected for data, but no connection.  O2 in SIM 1 is connecting just fine when I select that for data. I contacted Vodafone and my contract is all OK, with roaming and data etc all as expected.


I now put my SIM into my girlfriends phone and I get a 5G data connection, so the problem is related to my phone and the Vodafone SIM. 


I swap SIM 1 and 2 around so Vodafone is in SIM 1 but still not data connectivity.


I now remove the O2 SIM so I only have Vodafone SIM installed and guess what!  A 5G connection with Vodafone. 


So the problem is related to a combination of these... Vodafone SIM, Samsung S23, Roaming, Ireland, Two SIMs installed. 


Any suggestions on where to go with this?





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While roaming in Ireland, you've encountered a tricky issue with your Samsung S23 and Vodafone SIM. Interestingly, Vodafone data works when only a single SIM is installed but not when both are in the phone. It could be a compatibility or configuration problem with your phone model and the dual SIM setup. To resolve this, check for any software updates for your Samsung S23 and contact Samsung or Vodafone support for further assistance. Additionally, verifying your phone's network settings and ensuring that roaming is appropriately enabled for both SIM cards is a good idea. They can help you identify and address the specific issue you're facing. As for phone cases, ensuring you have a reliable protective case can be crucial while troubleshooting technical problems to safeguard your device from any potential damage or accidents.

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Experiencing mobile data issues with a dual SIM Samsung S23 on the Vodafone network can be resolved through these steps:

1. Verify correct APN settings for Vodafone.
2. Ensure Vodafone SIM is in the correct slot and network selected.
3. Restart the phone to troubleshoot.
4. Check network mode compatibility (4G, 3G, 2G).
5. Review data roaming settings for weak signal areas.
6. Swap SIM cards to identify source of issue.
7. Update the phone's software for bug fixes.
8. Reset network settings to address configuration problems.
9. Contact Vodafone support for account-specific assistance.
10. Check for network outages or issues with Vodafone.
11. Consider replacing the SIM card if other steps don't work.

For personalized help, consult Vodafone's customer support or visit a store.

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Your dual SIM phone, a Samsung S23 Ultra, may need help with Vodafone's mobile data when both SIM slots are used during roaming in Ireland. The issue seems specific to this combination. A workaround is to remove the O2 SIM, leaving only the Vodafone SIM for data connectivity during your Ireland trip. Check for software updates for potential fixes.

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If mobile data isn't functioning on your Dual SIM Samsung S23 for Vodafone, check your network coverage, enable mobile data, set the preferred SIM for data, confirm your data plan, configure correct APN settings, and ensure proper SIM insertion. Contact Vodafone support if issues persist.

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Check to see if your device is set to automatically connect to a network. Check that you have 5G/4G turned on if you are using a Vodafone 5G compatible handset or a 4G device. Check that the software on your device is up to date. This can be checked in settings.


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