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Z fold 3 inner screen not working

9: Established

I have a z fold 3 which I am buying from voda on my account.

about a month ago, the inner screen protector started to lift in the middle.

today opening the phone I have a black line down the middle and the right hand panel has stopped working, I.e. won’t take inputs.

has anyone else had this\/ I’m assuming I’m covered under warranty?


thank you


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

There are quite a number of threads on the Samsung EU Community regarding Fold 3 screen protector issues @akeister , with the protector cracking, the advise has been to remove the plastic screen protector.  There is also a long thread with your problem here:  Samsung Community - Z Fold3 inner screen no longer working .   


As far as the phone being under warranty for manufacturing faults and defects you will have a 24 month warranty this information is here: Warranty, insurance and Repairs .  As this is a known Samsung fault, you may be better off approaching Samsung direct, you can find a Samsung Repair Centre by following this link Samsung Repairs 


Certainly hope you can get the phone replaced or repaired under warranty, it's an expensive phone and you only had the device for a month.



9: Established

Thank you for your comments.

As I am buying it from Vodafone, Samsung under consumer regulations would send me back to Vodafone, but I do have total care warranty on the plan, so I will take it into the local Vodafone shop and see what they say.

I did see the thread about the protective film causing issues, but if I took it off I woukd assume that as Samsung fitted the protective film, tgat woukd be in breach of the warranty.

Samsung seem to have made a boo boo with these foldable phones

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Removing the factory fitted screen protector does not invalidate the warranty @akeister , this is mentioned on the Samsung Community site. 


As the screen protector causes problems and it is a poor design fault you are free to remove the plastic protector.